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Bringing Pacifica Day Spa to You

We opened Pacifica Day Spa in 2006 with the launch of our Notting Hill location. This was one of the very first day spas in London. The vision was to provide superb treatments and personalised service to everyone that came to our spa.  We wanted to make people feel taken care of and welcomed.  Soon the spa expanded to the Hampstead quarters.  The Hampstead boutique eventually became a members only spa focused on its existing customers.  We have grown and evolved with our customers and been fortunate enough to take care of them in various stages of their lives.

Over the past few years we have gradually sold each location with the intent of going online to provide our professional services globally.  Now with the latest technological advances we can offer video face mapping, skin care consultations, retail ordering and will go an extra mile to find you a local facialist through our beauty network.

One of the reasons I started Pacifica was because when I was a teenager I did not know who to turn to when I needed advice on my skin.  It was only when my boss at a retail store recommended that I go to her facialist that my skin started to improve.  I did not have a clue what a facialist even was. All the medication doctors gave me did not work and a proper cleansing routine and good products selected for me fixed everything in a couple of months.

I love doing facial consultations on anyone with troubled skin or skin care concerns.  By asking the right questions and visually seeing the client, we can offer skin care analysis which would incorporate western medicine and Chinese face mapping.  There is no age or gender discrimination.  In fact, half of my clients are male and teens. I am excited to be able to offer this service to anyone with an internet connection.

It has been a great pleasure to serve our customers in London and we hope you will stay in touch.  For now you can find us online but stay tuned for our upcoming locations in Colorado and California.

Let us take care of you. Hope to see you soon online!